Burning of Zozobra, Santa Fe Event, Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast

The burning of Zozobra is a major Santa Fe event, which centers around the ritual burning, in effigy of Old Man Gloom or Zozobra. Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast is a Santa Fe area B&B that is located in historic, Chimayo, NM (just 35 minutes north of Santa Fe, on the High Road to Taos). Over 20,000 people will gather in Santa Fe at Fort Marcy Park on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 for the music, the food, the celebration and the burning of Zozobra. The burning of Zozobra is done to symbolically cast away our hardships and our struggles of the past year. It also marks the start of the annual Fiesta de Santa Fe. The Fiestas have been celebrated in Santa Fe since 1712 and while the burning of Zozobra has only been going on since 1924, the burning of Zozobra has become one of Santa Fe’s most whacky and yet, most memorable celebrations to behold. Zozobra is described as “a hideous but harmless fifty-foot bogeyman marionette. He is a toothless, empty-headed facade. He has no guts and doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. He never wins. He moans and groans, rolls his eyes and twists his head. His mouth gapes and chomps. His arms flail about in frustration. Every year we do him in. We string him up and burn him down in ablaze of fireworks. At last, he is gone, taking with him all our troubles for another whole year. Santa Fe celebrates another victory. Viva la Fiesta!” – A.W. Denninger
By the time darkness falls, over 20,000 people will have gathered at Fort Marcy Park to participate in the burning of Zozobra. The appearance of the fire dancers indicate that the actual burning of Zozobra is just minutes away. They will amaze and delight the crowd. The mass of people will begin to chant “Burn him, Burn him”. Eventually, Zozobra will be ceremoniously set ablaze, resulting in him being burned to the ground and destroyed. The Zozobra event is staged each year by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe. It is one of their major fundraisers. These funds are used to provide college scholarships, fund local youth projects and to pay camp fees for physically challenged children. Join us for the burning of Zozobra. Burn your gloom and doom away! Tickets can be purchased through the end of August for $15 each or for $20 each when purchased after September 1st. Tickets are also available at the door.  Food and entertainment is available throughout the day. This year’s entertainment line-up consists of La Junta, Sol Fire, Mariachi Buenaventura and Test Tube Panda. Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast has rooms available for this Santa Fe event. We are happy to assist you in the casting away of your gloom and doom!