May 20th, 2012 Annular Eclipse, New Mexico, Casa Escondida B&B

View a rare annular eclipse on May 20th, 2012 while a guest at Casa Escondida B&B, a Santa Fe area bed & breakfast. We are located in historic Chimayo, New Mexico. New Mexico is a prime viewing area! As a result, people are traveling from afar to be here for this event. Book your room now at our Santa Fe lodging establishment, for this astronomical happening! This is the first annular eclipse that will be visible in the US in over 18 years. An annular eclipse is different from a total solar eclipse. An annular eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun. When the sun and the moon align like this, the moon creates what appears to be a “black hole” in the center of the sun, which results in the sun looking like a ring of fire! Be aware that this type of eclipse is much brighter than a solar eclipse. So be safe when viewing the annular eclipse. Buy special eclipse glasses, use a solar filter on your binoculars, camera or telescope or make a pinhole camera. An annular eclipse turns sunbeams into little rings of light. You can visualize this phenomenon on sun-dappled ground (such as beneath a leafy tree). Under these conditions, you can see hundreds of circular shadows cast upon the ground.The eclipse time is just before sunset, if you are viewing it from our New Mexico bed & breakfast. It will be on the western horizon. The maximum eclipse will last just over 4 minutes. The bonus of viewing the eclipse from New Mexico is that the sun will still be in deep partial eclipse at sunset, which will make for some fabulous and unique photo opportunities.  If you are outside of the prime viewing area, the eclipse will be partial. Those observers will see a crescent-shaped sun as the Moon passes by, off-center.
Join us! We have rooms available for this rare astronomical event!