3 of the Best New Mexico Hiking Trips

While some travelers find a trip to the spa or exploring local museums as the perfect way to relax during a vacation, others find the rejuvenation they’re looking for during a much-needed hiking trip. If you’re one of these travelers, you’re in luck! New Mexico is one of the nation’s top hiking destinations, and for good reason. With so many awe-inspiring and challenging hiking trails to choose from, you’ll definitely need more than a day to explore them all. Just to get you started, here are some of the most popular New Mexico hiking trips that you won’t want to skip.

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3 of the Most Fun New Mexico Hiking Trips

1. Santa Fe, New Mexico Hiking

The capital of New Mexico provides a surplus of incredible hiking opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re searching for a quick hiking excursion or a full day trip through the New Mexico wilderness, you’ll find the perfect trail just outside of Santa Fe. Here are just some of our favorite Santa Fe hiking trails that we’re sure you’ll enjoy just as much as we do.

  • Dale Ball Trails: Consisting of nearly 23 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, you’ll embark on an unforgettable trek through some of Santa Fe’s most striking regions.  There are also several routes you can choose from depending on your endurance and experience levels.
  • Aspen Vista Trail: Known for its wide variety of natural features, the Aspen Vista Trail in Santa Fe is a lightly-trafficked route through Hyde Memorial State Park. Many explorers flock to this trail for an easy adventure enhanced with views of wildflower fields, rivers, waterfalls, and a lake.
  • Chamisa Trail: Surrounded by beautiful aspen vistas, the Chamisa Trail in Santa Fe is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The best months to embark down the trail are April-October when the weather is typically warm and beautiful. In the fall, Chamisa is the ideal spot for viewing the area’s exquisite autumn colors.

2. Jemez Springs, New Mexico Hiking

Located approximately an hour and a half from our Chimayo inn, Jemez Springs is the ideal day-trip destination for New Mexico hiking trips. The best part? Many of the trails in Jemez Springs reward those who complete them with some of the state’s most relaxing natural hot springs. After embarking down the network of trails, take a rejuvenating dip in the springs and let all of your worries melt away.

3. Bandelier National Monument Hiking

Thousands of years ago, the Pueblo Indians carved their homes into New Mexico’s cliffsides. More than 1,500 Indians lived in these dwellings, and they still hold traces of ancient life even today. Bandelier National Monument is a 33,000-acre park with evidence of life dating back almost 11,000 years. There are over 70-miles of trails within the park that accommodate both beginner and expert hikers. Take a look at their hiking guide now to find the trails that are perfect for you!

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