New Mexico Pueblo Feast Days, Pueblo Etiquette, Casa Escondida B&B

Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast wants you to have a rich and meaningful experience while visiting the New Mexico Native American Pueblos that surround us. However, it is important that you do this in a way that is respectful of the pueblo culture and tradition. Casa Escondida B&B is located in historic Chimayo, NM (just 35 minutes north of Santa Fe, on the High Road). Our Santa Fe area bed & breakfast is surrounded by the Eight Northern New Mexico Pueblos. By being aware basic pueblo etiquette, you will have a wonderful visit to the New Mexico pueblos. If you intend on visiting on a Feast Day, plan ahead. Contact the tribal offices or pueblo visitor centers in advance because these offices will be closed on the Pueblo Feast Days. These Pueblo Feast Days are a fascinating New Mexico tourist attraction that you won’t want to miss during your New Mexico vacation.  Feast Days consist of religious dances, which are an expression of ancient religious beliefs (not a show or performance). Observe these with respect, just like you would in a church, mosque or synagogue. Applause and loud talking is inappropriate. Don’t speak to dancers or drummers while they are dancing. Joining in the dancing may be appropriate at pow-wows but it is NOT allowed at Pueblo dances. Keep in mind that Pueblo dances do not start or end at precise times, so be patient. Inquire beforehand about rules regarding photography, sketching and recording. These are sometimes allowed for a fee or they may be completely prohibited. Do not enter homes, unmarked buildings, kivas or burial grounds. On Feast Days, Pueblo people prepare elaborate feast meals. To partake in these meals, you must be INVITED to into the home of a Pueblo family. If invited, wait until you are asked to be seated. Do not linger at the table afterwards. This feast is a gift to you! It means “we want you to live”. A “thank you” is always welcome but offering payment or tips for a Feast Day meal is inappropriate. Obey all of the posted signs within the Pueblo. You can assist in preserving historical architecture by not climbing on walls or other structures. Do not disturb or remove plants, artifacts, rocks or animals. Do not litter. If you are not sure if something is appropriate, simply ask. Be aware that each pueblo is a sovereign nation with its own laws and regulations.  Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast has wonderful rooms available throughout the year. We look forward to your visit.