3 Amazing Things You’ll Discover at the New Mexico History Museum

As the beating heart of New Mexico, Santa Fe boasts many incredible museums to experience! Of them all, one of the most popular is the New Mexico History Museum. This fascinating attraction serves as a history center for lifelong learning through quality programs. These programs encourage a deep understanding and appreciation for the New Mexican culture. During your visit to the museum, here are some of the most interesting things you will find that played a significant role in the creation of the New Mexico you see today!

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3 of the Best Things to See at the New Mexico History Museum

The Palace of Governors

This 17th-century palace once housed the Spanish government during their visits to the region. The exceptional structure boasts adobe architecture and still stands today after nearly 400 years. The Palace of Governors is included in the Registry of Historic Landmarks and is considered an American Treasure. Many important figures of New Mexican history passed through the palace doors including Mexican governors, wealthy merchants, Spanish soldiers, and more! As you walk through the doors yourself, you will feel as if you have been transported into another time.

Portal Native American Artists Program

The New Mexico History Museum is also home to a sort of art market in which you’ll find authentic treasures. This public program supports native tribes by allowing members to sell their handmade crafts and goods to museum visitors. This is a grand opportunity to find the perfect souvenir that you won’t get anywhere else.

The Palace Press

This working exhibit features the first printing press to be used in New Mexico! It arrived at the Palace of Governors in 1834 and has remained in Santa Fe ever since. You will get a special look at 19th and 20th-century printing techniques and what the press was used for many years ago.

More Santa Fe Museums You Must Visit

New Mexico Natural History Museum: Learn all about the creatures and plant life that wandered the Southwest long before our time! There are also many family-friendly events and activities to take part in.

New Mexico Museum of Art: This museum views art as something for everyone to enjoy! That’s why you’ll find a variety of incredible masterpieces scattered throughout the museum. Through their collections, they create authentic experiences that foster a deeper understanding and enjoyment of art.

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture: For an experience that is both exciting and educational, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is your ideal choice! They inspire a desire to learn more about native cultures in their guests. They also represent the rich way of life left behind by the Native Americans.

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