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Cliff will cave dwellings at Bandelier National Monument

Northern New Mexico is rich with historical and cultural attractions, none perhaps more so than Bandelier National Monument. Bandelier National Monument is an impressive testament to time here in northern New Mexico. The monument itself protects 33,000 acres which are the ancestral homelands of at least 23 distinct tribal nations and features evidence of humans in the area 11,000 thousand years ago.

Though history is at the heart of any visit to Bandelier National Monument, it’s also just a beautiful place to spend a day. There are several great hiking trails in the area – and all of this is just under an hour from our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico. It’s one of many great day trips you can take while staying in our welcoming, traditional casita. Others include the Taos Pueblo, Tent Rocks National Monument, Santa Fe, and, of course, the nearby Santuario de Chimayó.

Our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico is centrally located to all the best attractions in the northern part of the state, but beyond being a convenient place to base your vacation, we also offer unprecedented hospitality, welcoming guest rooms, and a quiet, oasis-like retreat that is the perfect home away from home. If you’re looking to enjoy the very best of northern New Mexico, this is it. Book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico today!

From inside the cave dwellings at Bandelier National Monument

A Day at Bandelier National Monument

Nowhere are the canyons and desert mesas more extraordinary than at Bandelier National Monument. From the moment you step onto these preserved, sacred lands, you’ll immediately feel the presence of our ancestors that came before us – a legacy that stretches back at least 11,000 thousand years. Bandelier National Monument has long served as an important natural laboratory in understanding early human civilization, and it’s thanks to the Petroglyphs, cave dwellings found in the rock cliffs, and the standing masonry walls of former communities that are still on display at this impressive historic site.

We mentioned that the land of Bandelier National Monument is the ancestral homeland of at least 23 Native tribes. It’s currently thought that these tribes lived in the area from approximately 1150 CE to 1550, before moving onto what we now recognize as Pueblos across the Rio Grande Valley. Today, the people of Cochiti Pueblo are considered the most direct descendants of those that inhabited Bandelier National Monument.

The main attractions at Bandelier National Monument will be fully open to the public later this spring, including the Bandelier National Monument visitor center, Pueblo Loop, Frey, Tyuonyi Overlook, Falls Trail to Upper Falls, Frijoles Canyon, and the Tsankawi trails. You’ll need to park and ride in via the shuttle bus to the Frijoles Canyon portion of the monument between May and October. Shuttles run every 30 minutes, and there is no extra charge to ride them.  Below, we’ve included a few highlights to see during your next visit to Bandelier National Monument.

  1. Hike along the short 1.2-mile Main Loop Trail which starts at the Visitor Center and navigates through several excavated archaeological sites in Frijoles Canyon.
  2. Hike 3 miles along Falls Trail, which leads to the beautiful Upper Falls. There are also several offshoot trails from here, which lead up to the top of the mesas for great views of Bandelier National Monument.
  3. Hike the Frijoles Canyon Trail, a stunning journey that also passes by the Ancestral Pueblo “Long House” dwelling.
  4. Enjoy the incredible wildlife in the area, including snakesbutterfliesbirds, and more. There are also some stunning wildflowers blooming in the park throughout the summer.
  5. Don’t miss the Tsankawi Section of Bandelier National Monument, which is 12 miles from the central portion of the park. A highlight of this part of Bandelier National Monument is the 1.5-mile walk along the mesa, where you’ll see cavates, petroglyphs, and the Ancestral Pueblo village of Tsankawi. This does involve climbing some ladders.
Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico, the perfect place to relax after hiking at Bandelier National Monument

The Best Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico

After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time at Bandelier National Monument, retreat back to the cozy comfort of our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico. We’re located near the village of Chimayó, which is nearly equidistant between the towns of Santa Fe and Taos on the stunning High Road to Taos. Apart from being the home to our delightful Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico, Chimayó is also home to the famous weavers of Chimayó and the historic Santuario de Chimayó.

We offer nine guest rooms, five of which are pet-friendly at our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico. Apart from comfortable accommodations, guests are free to enjoy our six secluded acres of New Mexico’s natural paradise, with views of the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains. In the morning, we’ll treat you to a hot and delicious breakfast each morning of your stay, all part of our goal to ensure you have everything you need for a memorable getaway. Book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico today!

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