Why You Need to Visit the Santo Nino Chapel in Chimayo

While the legendary El Santuario de Chimayo is one of Chimayo’s most popular attractions and places of worship, the Santo Nino Chapel is another fascinating spot that falls under most visitors’ radar.  It is well worth the visit, and not just because it’s very visually appealing. The stories that are attached to it make seeing the chapel an experience in and of itself! Here is what you need to know about the Santo Nino Chapel and why you should stop by during your next getaway to Northern New Mexico.

History of the Santo Nino Chapel

The history of the Santo Nino Chapel can be traced back to the country of Spain during the 1400s. It was during this time period that many Christian men had been imprisoned and starved in their cells. Only children were allowed to visit the prisoners and bring food to them.

The wives, sisters, and daughters of these men prayed for help, and it soon arrived in the form of a small boy.

This child visited the prisoners regularly and brought them food. According to legend, his basket was never empty of bread and his water gourd was always full. He soon became considered as the manifestation of Jesus Christ himself and earned the nickname “Santo Nino,” or “Holy Child.”

Over the next few years, the Santo Nino would become a celebrity-like figure in the religious community. A statue of Our Lady of Atocha holding the Holy Child in her arms was created for a church in Plateros, Mexico. The Santo Nino would often be removed to bring healing and help to women giving birth and spread miracles to the sick and poor.

Fast forward over 400 years, long after the Spanish colonists arrived in New Mexico. A man by the name of Severiano Medina made a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Santo Niño de Atocha in Mexico and brought back the statue of the Santo Nino to his home in Chimayo.

To honor the Santo Nino, he built a tiny shrine near the El Santuario de Chimayo to house the statue. Now the Holy Child is beloved across the state of New Mexico.

What You’ll See at the Santo Nino Chapel

The Santo Nino Chapel is built in the traditional northern New Mexico style using adobe wall, wooden vigas, and stone flooring. It has also recently been renovated and filled with beautiful works of art including wood carvings, paintings, Spanish furniture, and more.

In a small prayer room adjacent to the main chapel is the small wooden statue of the Santo Nino. The sculpture depicts the Holy Child holding his water gourd and a basket of bread.

One interesting thing you might notice is that there are several pairs of shoes left at the statue’s feet and lining the wall that he sits against. This is because several chapel visitors leave small shoes as thanks for answered prayers. It is rumored in the religious community that the Santo Nino wanders the valleys of Chimayo at night to bring healing and comfort to those who need it most. All of this walking through the valleys wear out his little shoes, so people bring children’s shoes to the shrine as a gift!

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